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SmallBiz Growth: How to catch a big fish

Small Business Growth

SmallBiz Growth in the big fish’ s lake

I know a lot of small business owners that create cool solutions or are true experts in their fields.

Many of them would like to offer their skills and solutions to big companies to be able to sell larger volumes, bigger projects or simply to reduce „new customer acquisition stress“ once they have the “big ones” on the line.

But most of those who tried to get the “big fish“ failed. And this is no wonder. The way of thinking in small companies is very different from that of decision takers in bigger companies.

So, is there no way to get a snippet from the big fish’s rich buffet for the small ones? For sure there is!

Turn frustration into training results

Before you away in frustration be aware that without training and learning, no beginner has become and amateur. And even talents have to work hard to become professionals.

So, prepare to master some lessons first.

Lesson 1 – Check if you really want it

The first lesson is that big fish sounds good – but must not be good for you. There are many reasons to NOT want to do business with big companies and I show you just an extract:

– Small business sales is typically made in short sales cycles – and not all small business are able to survive the long sales cycles in big companies at all
– If you get a big fish.. it can kill you if you fail to fulfill the contract
– sales in big companies requires you to set up adequate hierarchies to reflect the needs and expectations of big companies, even if you “simulate” your structure virtually
– you must probably raise your insurance coverage to not be wiped out by a penalty
– you must be aware that you will invest a lot in pitching sales deals over long terms and are still likely to NOT get the job
– you must learn the cultural preferences in big companies
– you must be able to learn and accept a whole new world of values and standpoints of your business partners that probably sound weird or even destructive from a small business standpoint
– you must learn to accept that organizational barriers and employees personal interests might overrule sensible concepts and logical approaches by far
– you must learn that change is communicated everywhere as the holy grail and the core achievement topic for everybody – but behind the scenes, change never happens anywhere
– if you are in IT, you have to accept that innovation, disruption, change or UX-driven approaches do not count a bit
– you must accept that corporate IT departments see themselves as security and stability guards – and not as the drivers for the best enduser experience or innovation
– you must learn to accept, that NOBODY will take any decision alone .. and if you start your journey on a lower organization level, your “cool story telling” will latest be lost after three escalation levels – so your deal is dead before it arrives at a relevant stage
– you must learn that you will not be able to enter the relevant decision taker doors to tell them „the truth“. And if so, they neither care about „your truth“ nor do they care about bad things going on two levels below them

This list can be proceeded almost endless.

If you still have not lost your mood and interest to master „big fish sales“, wait for our next episode.

Hardcore small biz owners (which means people who read my posts) will see the best tips to become a small biz hero in the big fish lake. So..see you next time.