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I use dropbox. I use onedrive. I use google drive. I use sharepoint. I use office 365 including delve. I use my file drive. I use a desktop, a notebook, a smartphone, a tablet and a kindle.

No, I am not an IT nerd. I am the CEO of a software and consulting company and simply have to do my job. In the office, on the road and at customers. Not to forget at home.

Why do I tell that?

Because I know a lot of people out there that work like I do. And all of them suffer from the same things like I do: I produce a lot of files, my team produces even more files and our customers and suppliers are eager to outperform us in document production.

In theory, all problems with file handling are solved since SharePoint. In practice, there are still tons of use cases that make me store my files on some storage device. Local.

In theory, this problem is also handled by the cloud providers I mentioned. In practice, I suffer from synchronization problems, usability problems and the simple fact, that I store and share documents with people who love dropbox, others love onedrive, lots love google drive and some still can`t resist to send e-mails with large attachments.

On top of this, legal restrictions with the usage of storage operated by US providers is a relevant topic for at least European and Swiss companies, so all mentioned storage providers are at the edge of being “not usable” for b2b-connections in Europe or Switzerland.

The result is: Whenever I need a document, I have to struggle to find out where it is. And my blood pressure is not seldom unhealthy because the damned synch has not worked like expected. And you can be sure that the bandwidth of your wireless internet connection will be less than EDGE when you try to use the web access to your storage in an urgent situation.

Is there a solution?

Well, I stumbled over the platform koofr.eu some weeks ago on twitter. I checked the site and got in touch with the creators of a service that addresses some of my storage burdens.

  • They deliver a kind of aggregation interface to link my favorite storage providers together, so that I can search all storages in one place and never have to think about the place where I dropped a file.
  • They provide EU based storage service at an incredible cheep pricing, which allows me to store content on EU based servers if I think that location is relevant.
  • A really cool thing is that I can view all kinds of files directly in the browser windows without having to open the file or image, which saves a huge bunch of time.
  • A killer feature of the service is the ease of sharing links for upload and download of files. This can be done password protected. So you can send a protected link to people you trust to let them upload files to your storage.
    What I really like with koofr is not the name, but the incredible easy setup and user interface.

After a short talk with the CEO of the company, I learned that the name koofr has a meaning which makes sense: In the native language, the meaning is suitcase. Which is exactly what you get: You have your files with you. Everywhere, any time.

Additionally, I love the really transparent handling when uploading bigger amounts of files, you always know exactly the progress.

I highlight this because I suffered several data losses with onedrive as the synch process tells you that everything is uploaded. But in reality, they just uploaded the headers of the files and still synch in the background. And if you delete the local files that are reported as “uploaded”, you will suffer from dataloss in case you emptied the local bin already.

One more thing..

Oh, of course, the service is available on all platforms, from windows over mac to linux and mobiles.

My personal wishlist for koofr

First of all, I recommend to at least give this tool a testride, the trial is for free. And the registration process alone is cool enough to walk through to just know how it works đŸ™‚

But for sure, there are things one can add to even the greatest service, so my personal wish list contains the following items:

  • It would be useful to be able to choose encryption levels (never encrypted, encyrpted on the storage, encrypted on server and communication etc.)
  • I want to save files directly to koofr from my applications, so koofr should appear as drive in the filemanager
  • I would of course like to have an interface to SharePoint and Office365
  • I would like to have an API to add special features for custom corporate requirements, so that we could use koofr storage as backend for cool applications
  • I would like to have an automation interface for zapier

If you look at this incredible short feature wish list, I rate the service as very cool, as my wishlists are typically frustrating for software vendors.

Almost forgot about the 4 steps to pain relief

  • 1. enter your e-mail on the koofr.eu site
  • 2. klick on the link in the e-mail you receive
  • 3. enter your name and password
  • 4. use koofr


I just started to use koofr, but I already like it and this is a result of the simplicity of the setup process, the easy handling and simply the fact, that it helps me to save time without having to invest on migrations or having to take decisions to use either the one or the other service.

Koofr is cool. I like it. If you take a test drive, I would really like you to share your experience. To me, it looks like something that should become a wide used tool.

Ps: My third wish is already in work, those guys have an API already..and they are going to document it for developers. Let us see, what the next releases will bring. Stay tuned, in the best case as new customer.


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  • This Item on your wishlist:

    “I want to save files directly to koofr from my applications, so koofr should appear as drive in the filemanager”

    Is already resolved by the WebDav connection. Following the guide on the koofr help you can add a “drive” to your filemanager of choice.

    And yes, I have just discovered this cloud service, and I love it đŸ™‚

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